Friday, February 02, 2007

Nothing to Fear but Fearful Lights Themselves

Boston shut down in fear last Wednesday (January 31) because a couple of guys hired by Cartoon Network put up blinking cartoon characters to hype a cartoon called Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

This is the second time in recent months that a cartoon has caused mass hysteria, the first being the cartoons of Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him) published in Denmark. Now, I thought then that the reaction of Muslims to the cartoons was, shall we say, insane, but the response to this totally innocuous blinking light thing was absolutely mad.

The government has gotten us so jumpy with its Orange Alerts and Terror Toothpaste Rulings and Let’s Get Naked In Public X-Ray machines that we are ready to believe that Captain Crunch and General Mills are preparing a coup against the government. (Speaking of the new X-Ray machines, have you stood in an airport security lately? Unless you live in LA, Miami, or Bermuda, you don’t want to see your fellow travelers naked on the x-ray scanner. We are a nation of obese transfat fried coach potatoes who can barely fit in the narrow seats on the plane. I don’t want to see most people clothed, let alone naked. And that goes for me as well.)

So these guys put up the blinking lights in the shape of some 1970’s looking cheesey (hmmm cheeeesy…) video arcade game character and people jump out of their skin. The cops are called, the National Guard is turned out, the Minute Men grab their muskets, tea is tossed into Boston Harbor, witches are burned in Salem, and the great great great great grandson Paul Revere rides his Harley through the countryside crying, “The Blinkies are coming the Blinkies are Coming!”

The new Governor of Massachusetts, Deval(ution) Patrick calls it a “hoax.” Assuming Deval knows what a hoax is, this is not a hoax. This is a marketing campaign. A hoax is Orson Wells’ War of the Worlds. No, even that wasn’t a hoax. That was a radio show that proved in the 1930’s what the blinking lights prove in the 2000’s— Americas are scared shitless! A hoax is getting people to think that anyone you see during the first eight weeks of American Idol has a chance to become America’s idol.

What caused all this madness? Four calls to Boston PD around 1 p.m. citing USBCCs (unidentified stationary blinking cartoon characters) around the city. Of course the police should check things out. But was it really necessary to call in Homeland Security? And just when they were about to stop twelve billion Mexicans from illegally crossing into America to take jobs that Americans no long want to do (like putting up unidentified stationary blinking cartoon characters in American cities)?

We are a nation afraid of its own shadow. This is very dangerous. Things will only get worse, and we will use our fear to justify all kinds of evil. It is one thing to waste tens of thousands of dollars in the war against blinking cartoon lights, but this is only the beginning. Soon we will start rounding up, oh let’s say, Muslims just to be safe. I know you say it can’t happen here, but, yes, Mrs. Yamagoto, it can. I saw it on 24.

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Remi said...

The perpetrators of this horrifying deed had the correct response during their press conference after they were released, only answering questions about 1970's hair styles.