Friday, February 02, 2007

A Maccaca Moment or Biden His Time

Senator Joe Biden, would be Democratic nominee for President of the United States in 2008, gave even Paula Zahn a start when he said that Barack Obama, would be Democratic nominee for Messiah, was the first clean African American to run for the Presidency. Now, to be fair (if not balanced) Joe meant BO was “fresh,” “new,” or “forward thinking,” all good words when it comes to marketing a presidential hopeful. And maybe that is what he meant. I cannot judge whether or not this was Biden’s Maccaca Moment, the racially ugly Freudian Slip that sank whatshisname in the West Virginia Senate race. I can’t judge because I myself am racially colorblind.

I mean it. I never take race or color into account. I am so color blind that while I am certain I have friends who are African American, Chinese American, Japanese American, Latin American, Illegal American, and what-have-you they all look perfectly white Anglo-Saxon to me. You know, normal Americans.

Yes, there was a time when I noticed that some people were black. Virginia coal miners speaking to the cameras after a mine disaster, for example. But I knew that these people were really just like me. And I did have an African America friend with whom I worked at a bank in Boston, but I never looked at his skin color. Or rather I only looked at the color of his skin on the palms of his hands which was basically the same as mine.

So when Kramer goes mad with the N-word, I don’t get it. The fact that they hated his comedy routine had nothing to do with their race. Maybe he just sucked. Which brings me to homophobia. I am as homo-blind as I am colorblind. Not only do I not care which Slot B one inserts Tab A into, I don’t care if those with Slots have no truck with Tabs at all. In fact I think we should get over all this male-female nonsense and just talk about Tabs and Slots. And yes, Tabs are from Mars and Slots are from Venus, but you have to talk to L. Ron Hubbard to find out just why that is.

Anyway, back to clueless Joe and clean BO. I think Barack is clean in every meaning of the word. He looks well washed; he isn’t carrying a gun or wearing a wire; he is young and fresh; and he may be free from political baggage despite the fact that Hillary’s storm troopers have put out the word that Barack HUSSEIN Obama went to a Muslim madrassa as a young boy. What’s his name, again? Barack O-bomb-ah?

Politics is an ugly business, and the only winners are those who don’t mind playing in the muck. If BO is clean now, he won’t be by the time we get to vote for president in November of 2008. Which brings me to my suggestion for the 08 race.

Rather than move the primaries to late 07 and early 08, a tactic that only puts more power into the hands of the politic hacks of the two dominant parties, let’s hold the election before the primaries. That way we can vote for candidates before they devolve into pit bulls. And then I can vote for BO, whom I am told is black, before he becomes unclean.

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