Thursday, February 08, 2007

No "I" In Team

There is was again, that ubiquitous cliché “There’s no ‘I’ in team” coughed up by some sports hero to downplay the fact that he carried his team to victory in the Super Bowl. I understand the need for this kind of talk, but let’s face: it there are two I’s in humility.

So I decided to spend a few minutes looking for other “No I” wisdom. If any of these catch on please give me credit, after all there is an “I” in credit.

There is no “I” in sex, which is why masturbation is evil, which, by the way, has an “I.”
There is no “I” in fuck, but there is a “U” which may mean something.
There is no “I” in mortgage or rent, so why should I have to pay these?
There is no “I” in goodness, but there is an “I” in sin.
There is no “I” in looser, so be sure to blame someone else for your screw ups.
There is no “I” in company, which is why the individual worker usually gets screwed.
There is no “I” in human, which means being one is no guarantee of being an individual.
There is no “I” in man or woman, but there is an “I” in insect. Go figure.
There is no “I” in me, which is what the Buddha taught 2500 years ago.
There is no “I” in Buddha because there is no “I” in me.
There is no “I” in Jesus, but there are three in Christianity. Must be the Trinity.
There is no “I” in Torah, Koran, or Gospel so don’t try to read these books by yourself.
There is no “I” in terror, but there is one in terrorist.
There is no “I” in holy, but there are two each in religious and spiritual.
There is no “I” in death so no need to worry about after-life or reincarnation.
There is no “I” in church, synagogue, or mosque, but check out priest, rabbi, and imam.
There is no “I” in joy, but there is one in pain.
There is no “I” in reason, but there are two in insanity.
There is no “I” in God, but there is one in Rami.

If you want to make bumper stickers out of any of these, please be my guest. Or if you come up with some of your own post them on the Blogspot version of ToTo.


Tracey said...

I have been reading your blog for a few months now. I thoroughly enjoy your perspective and humor. Each day I check my bloglines to see if you've added yet another entry and I'm so pleased when you do! I particularly enjoyed your post on all the religious T-shirts and slogans and then how you could have made up some of your own. I am personally sickened by the commercialization and marketing of religion and find it to be largely disingenuous, no matter how many fellow believers engage in it. Thank you for your fresh and entertaining perspective!

Doubleshockpower said...

Pray out the gay!

don' tpanic said...
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