Tuesday, January 31, 2012

America a Christian Nation? Sadly, no.

The United States is not a Christian Nation. How do I know? Because the United States does nothing to stop the extinction of Christians.

Right now Christians around the world are in danger. Coptic Christians in Egypt are on the endangered species list, and the same can be said of Catholics in Tunisia. In Afghanistan American women and men continue to die for a regime that has denied building permits for new churches, and over the summer demolished the last remaining church open to the public. In Iraq, where even more American blood was shed, the Christian population has decreased by 2/3 since 2003. 

And we are supposed to be a Christian nation? Not only do we not protect Christians, but we actively support the very regimes that are threatening them.

I’m not saying we have to intervene militarily, but is there nothing we can do? Can’t we link our foreign aide to liberty and justice for all? Can’t we offer asylum to Christians living in countries that persecute them? Isn’t this what a Christian nation would do?

The next time someone tells you the US is a Christian nation, don’t argue about prayer in school and teaching evolution in the classroom, ask them why, if this so, we are so loathe to rescue Christians? 


Changeless Chariot said...

I would love to believe that this inaction is a reflection of a US interfaith/interspiritual perspective. Why rescue Christians if we are not going to rescue everyone? Are we not one humanity? Will we be like Israel and rescue the Falashas because they are more like "us" and leave everyone else to suffer?

Alas, though, as the history of US international policy well teaches us, this is an unlikely explanation...

Barry said...

Los of the endangered Christians you mention have come to the United States so there is some rescue. I prefer to live in a secular USA, one that does not give special privileges to Christians, or any other religion.