Friday, January 18, 2008

A Godly Constitution

If elected President of the United States Governor Mike Huckabee plans to bring the U.S. Constitution into alignment with God:

"[Some of my opponents] do not want to change the Constitution, but I believe it's a lot easier to change the Constitution than it would be to change the word of the living God, and that's what we need to do is to amend the Constitution so it's in God's standards rather than try to change God's standards."

I couldn’t agree more. My only problem is that he doesn’t go far enough. Why stop with amendments ending abortion and limiting marriage to one man and one woman? There is so much more to be done. If the Governor becomes President let’s do this right. Here are just a few suggestions:

The First Amendment allows for freedom of religion and speech, but the Bible doesn’t. God revealed the one true religion (Judaism) and secular and priestly establishments to enforce it. We need to make Judaism the official religion of the United States, and tear down the churches, mosques, temples of anyone who insists on worshipping otherwise. And as far as peaceable assembly goes, God slaughtered Korach and tens of thousands of Israelites who challenged the anti-democratic leadership of Moses and his brother Aaron (Numbers 16). Clearly “Don’t Mess With Moe” was God’s motto and the First Amendment has got to go.

The Sixth and Seventh Amendments guarantee you the right to trial by jury, but that isn’t biblical, either, so let’s get rid of these. The Thirteenth Amendment abolishes slavery, but God specifically sanctions it in Leviticus 25:44; and the Nineteenth Amendment gives women the right to vote, where God isn’t in favor of voting at all. So we must repeal all of these amendments right away. And this is just the beginning if we are to bring this country and our Constitution in line with God and God’s Word.

Governor Mike is right: it is easier to change the Constitution than it is to change the Word of God (unless of course you’re Jesus and then all you have to say is, “But I say unto you.”). And let’s be clear, when Governor Huckabee talks about the Word of God he means the Torah. Jesus doesn’t say anything about abortion or gay marriage.

I am planning to vote for Mike Huckabee, and if he wins I am glad to say it will be the last vote any of us will ever have to make again. God bless America.


The Christian Heretic said...

Brilliant. You are now officially my favorite writer in the blogosphere. :)

jeff said...

Getting rid the the 6th Amendment will not bother Huckabee either, as he appears to be in favor of Gitmo, and maybe even more Gitmo's around the globe.

Jeff Reed said...

This is great. I'd like to post more, but my kid's misbehaving and needs a good stoning ....

Scott said...

Funny, I was looking for a TOTO toilet and a TOTO bidet or TOTO neorest and I found this ridiculous posting. Who doesn't enjoy a good stoning?