Friday, July 20, 2007


President Bush visited Nashville yesterday, and I had the privilege this morning of listening to one of my neighbors weigh in on the visit. Here is that conversation as best as I can recall it.

“Yessir, the President made sure we know he’s takin’ care of business with those Mooslims in Eyerack. I bet you there wasn’t a single Mooslim or Demoncrat in the audience.”


“Yessir, Demoncrat. That’s what they are. They are un-American traitors who side with Mooslims ‘n their god Moohamed against us ‘n our God Jesus. They are demons, pure and simple. Honestly I don’t know how we let Mooslims and Demoncrats even become Americans.”

“You mean you can’t be an American if you aren’t Christian and Republican?”

First of all, they is the same thing, Christian and Republican. Any so-called Christian who sides with Demoncrats is not really a Christian but an anti-Christian siding with the Antichrist Moohamed. Second of all when the Puritans came to this country they came for religious freedom.”

“Right, the freedom to worship as you wish.”

“Hell no! The freedom to be a true Christian which they were not allowed to be in England.”


“History has nothin’ to do with it. I’m talkin’ truth here. This here is a Christian country and there ain’t no room for Catholics or Mormans or Mooslims or…”


“Actually Jews is grandfathered in cuz they are related to Jesus and we Christians owe them all our best efforts to get them to stop worshippin’ Satan and come to Jesus.”

“So you think the President is doing a good job?”

“The President is a good man in a tight spot. He listens to Jesus and Jesus is tellin’ him to wage war against Mooslims and Demoncrats and that is what he is goin’ ta do. It is a Crusade, son, pure and simple.”

Unfortunately I couldn’t agree more.

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