Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Real Message of the Cheerios Ad

I want to talk about the Cheerios ad featuring an interracial couple and their biracial daughter. *

I have heard from the Right that Cheerios is promoting biracial families. They are right. That’s why they are called the Right.

And I have heard from the Left that having the African American dad napping on the couch while biracial daughter and white mom discussion the intricacies of heart disease and prevention promotes negative stereotyping of African American men. And they would be right also if they weren’t the Left. But both positions miss the true message hidden in this commercial.

The real message is that Cheerios is supporting the Obama agenda. Here is why:

First, the little girl, like our president, has a white mom and a black dad. If the makers of this commercial didn’t want to link the little girl with our president they would have given her a black mom and a white dad.

Second, the ad says that eating Cheerios is good for your heart suggesting that eating Cheerios would lower healthcare costs and thus bring down the cost of Obama Care.

Third, Cheerios are O’s. And O is the logo for Obama.

When the little girl covers her African American dad with Obama logos, she is saying that African Americans have no choice but to support the Obama agenda. And what is that agenda but a bunch of words with the letter O in them: Gun Control (two O’s), Birth Control (two O’s), Affordable Care Act (one O), and Immigration Reform (again two O’s!). You add up the O’s and you get 7 O’s telling us that in the seventh year of his reign, President Obama will step down and appoint Hillary Rodham Clinton (TWO O’S!!!) as president.

Don’t doubt this conspiracy for a second. Even the word “conspiracy” has an O in it, and that cannot be a coincidence. And, even if it is, the word “coincidence” has an O in it, and that cannot be a coincidence since we are talking about the word coincidence and that is no coincidence so it must be a conspiracy.

Wake up, America. Stop buying Cheerios and repeal Obama Care.

* In the interest of full disclosure, I have Celiac disease and cannot eat Cheerios.


Buttercup said...

Thanks for getting to the bottom of the Cheerio Conspiracy, put in place during the Crusades. The clues are apparent in Paris, Jerusalem and New York.

Rabbi Rami said...

Quick! Call Dan Brown!

Changeless Chariot said...

Off Topic. When did the name of this blog change from Beyond Religion to ReligionNext -- and why? Just curious...

Tricia Datené said...

Very astute, extremely funny!

Jeff said...

I still miss "TOTO." In fact it still lives on my bookmarks.

Jeff said...

I still miss "TOTO." In fact it still lives on my bookmarks.