Monday, March 05, 2012

Voting My Values

I believe in voting my values. That’s why I can’t vote for any of the men running for president in 2012, including President Obama. My reason? All of them oppose polygamy while Judaism supports it. How do I know? Habayit Hayehudi Hashalem told me so.

Habayit Hayehudi Hashalem (The Complete Jewish Household) is an organization promoting polygamy among Jews. According to Habayit Hayehudi Hashalem Jews suffer from an over abundance of single Jewish women and a dearth of single Jewish men. Their solution is polygamy: matching these single women to already married Jewish men. I am in favor of growing the Jewish people, so why not return to our biblical  roots and allow men to have multiple wives?

Unlike Mormons who outlawed polygamy for all time, we Jews only banned it for a short time. About 1000 years ago Rabbi Gershom ben Judah of Mainz, Germany banned polygamy, but the ban only reached as far as Germany and France, and the Jews of Spain, Italy, and the East continued the practice. Some rabbis today argue that Gershom’s ban has run out and polygamy is lawful once again; hence Habayit Hayehudi Hashalem.

If allowing and encouraging Jewish men to have more than one wife doesn’t appeal to you, I have another solution to the problem of too many unmarried Jewish women. China’s one child policy resulted in the infanticide of countless baby girls leaving China with a lot of single men and too few single women. Since we Jews have the opposite problem, why not create an organization that matches single Chinese men to single Jewish women?

Jews in China go back to the 7th or 8th century, so we have a history of marrying Chinese people. This may be why Jews love Chinese food, though that link may be controversial. Anyway, all I’m saying is that this is worth considering.  


Anonymous said...

Being a married, full-time working mother, I too am in favor of polygamy. My reasons are a little more selfish though...I could just really use a wife at home.

Barry said...

I feel guilty ( my prerogative as a Jewish man). We have two Jewish men in our household, so I guess too many single women is our fault. We could also use a traditional wife (the cooking, cleaning, shopping type). Come to think of it, it would be great if we had a traditional husband to fix the car, keep us up-to-date on sports, and barbecue for us.