Thursday, March 29, 2012

Prohibition Boko Style

And you thought American Prohibition was bad…

Not that I would encourage you to visit Nigeria any time soon, but on the off chance you are already going there, let me advise you to avoid visiting any bars.

It seems there is a group of Islamic radicals who not only hate the sin (drinking alcohol) but are intent on killing the sinner (drinkers of alcohol). Muslims are not supposed to drink alcohol. Neither are they supposed to kill people. But when it comes to the group called Boko Haram it seems that killing people who are drinking alcohol is part of God’s plan. And you don’t have to be a Muslim to get killed, either. They really hate alcohol.

And don’t think you are safe spending your Nigerian vacation avoiding alcohol. The bad boys of Boko target churches as well. They bombed a Catholic church on Christmas. Maybe because they drink wine as part of the Eucharist, I don’t know. What I do know is that they have killed over 500 people last year, and I imagine they are out to top that this year.

So if you are going to Nigeria don’t forget to pack Kevlar.

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