Thursday, January 07, 2010

On Retreat

I will be on retreat for the next 10 days, and most likely unable to post. Have a good week.


Jeni Lee said...

Could we trade lives?

dtedac said...

Have a blessed retreat. Shalom.

Grégoire said...

enjoy your week!

Unknown said...

i just finished my yearly ten day-er.

rig2469 said...

Rebi Rami,
Mazel Tov on your initiation into the venerable Hindu tradition. If you engage that rich source of wisdom with the open heart and mind that you display so frequently you are in danger(?)of moving from clerk to Prophet, if you are not already there.

Re the matter of interfaith explorations,you mentioned religion as a story, and it is, but everything in the human frame of reference is a story. How close to some Higher Reality is the story? The dilemna of modernity and postmodernism. Maybe dialog is part of the answer? Integration of science and religion? Better stories, or at least more accurate?