Friday, December 31, 2010

Mashiach is Coming! Mashiach is Coming!

Great news, the Messiah, aka Mashiah ben David, may arrive as early as next week!

According to Jewish tradition, if Jews celebrate the Sabbath two weeks in a row, the messiah will come. Thanks to Christianity, we just might pull this off.

The first Shabbat was last Saturday, Christmas Day. Most Jews took the day off. Tomorrow is New Year’s Day. Again we will be home. That is two Sabbaths in a row!

Of course these may not count because many of us went out for Chinese food on Christmas, and will watch the bowl games on television tomorrow, but who knows, maybe God isn’t Orthodox.

OK, I admit that God is most likely Orthodox, and less likely to send the Messiah just because we Jews have a couple of Saturdays off from work, but it does raise a question worth pondering: How would you change your life if the Messiah did in fact arrive? What would you do differently?

Share these with us, please. And then ask yourself another question: If the changes you’d make are good ones, why wait? Why not just make the changes now? For all we know that is really what God is waiting for.

Happy New Year.


Tricia Datené said...

"For all we know that is really what God is waiting for"
I kinda think he is waiting for us just to love each other. That would truly be paradise!

TheNote said...

I think "Mashiach" is here . . .

I AM excited to read
"Rami is Coming! Rami is coming!"
I hope you are scheduled to present a LOT while you're here . .
so i can sneak into the room and have a "Rami Fix."

color me happy with the news.

Karen said...

I'm happy with who I am and what I strive to accomplish every day (more compassion, less judgment, more unconditional love to all, etc.), so there is not a massive change I would make when the Messiah arrived. However, I'm not Jewish, or Christian for that matter, so this really doesn't apply to me. I already know that every breath I take and every move I make (yes... I'm well aware that this is a lyric to a song!) is God in motion, and I try to be conscious of this most of the time (except, maybe, when stubbing my little toe on the leg of a chair!).

Kineret WillowGreene said...

I must say I am disappointed to read that you think G-d is orthodox. I can only hope that this is some of your fabulous humor.

G-d may be orthodox but then must also be non-orthodox as well. At least if He/She/It is omnipotent.