Monday, July 22, 2013

Not Guilty?

I don't get it. If you're a terrorist murdering people in the name of your God, why would you plead not guilty? If you are doing God's will why not be proud of your actions? Yet Dzhokhar Tsarnaev the alleged (alleged?) Boston bomber did just that. Seven times he claimed "not guilty" seven times he denied his God.

I suspect his lawyer told him to do this. But he should have refused. This kid is evil. What he did was evil. And the God who sanctioned it is evil. But at least he should have the courage of his convictions.


Mordechai Ben Nathan said...

Once again your post is foolish and evinces a sophomoric and facile understanding of the law.

1. He may be insane. In such case he would be not guilty by reason of insanity. I am sure you have never deigned to consider this possibility.

2. It is the complete right of the defendant to plea as he wishes. So attempting to blame his lawyer reflects a certain antipathy you seem to have for lawyers.

3. He may feel that he is guilty of a lesser included offense and not the one charged. So he may indeed be not guilty.

4. Finally it has obviously evaded your attention that he may indeed be not guilty. What really do you know about the facts? You rush to judgment based upon what CNN, FOX, ABC, and CBS say. As Mark Twain wryly observed: "the truth is often the opposite of what people commonly believe.

However your rush to judgment and shallow analysis has become the Rami trademark.

Mordechai Ben Nathan said...

On the other hand, maybe Rami is correct. The logical extension of his thinking would compel us to the conclusion that we should simply put this defendant up against the wall and shoot him. Since entering a plea is but a mere formality why not do away with that formality entirely.

Why not be like the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland who said: let's have a trial and then find her guilty.

I would certainly elect Rami for the modern day Torquemada Grand Inquisitor award.

Mordechai Ben Nathan said...

By the way Erich Reynolds:

In your previous post wherein you were portraying Rami as a fair and open-minded kind of guy please let me know what is fair about referring to Tsarnaev as "evil".

Does the presumption of innocence mean nothing? Does the burden of proving Tsarnaev guilty beyond a reasonable doubt mean nothing?

Any fool can rush to judgment. Justice requires that cool minds prevail.

Rami will feel better after he meditates on uncle Morty's wise words.

Unknown said...
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Fraser said...

No one else has dared speak after that chastising.Ouch uncle Morty!