Friday, May 17, 2013

Dr. Jung, Dr, Jung, You're Wanted STAT

I think dreams speak to us from our personal and collective unconscious. I rarely remember my dreams, but last night, the fifth night of this week-long retreat I dreamed the same dream three times. Chalk it up to my fever, if you like, but we Jews say that if you have the same dream three times running it is an important message. So here's the dream, see what you make of it.

I am flying home, where I am to give a lecture before returning to my house. The plane lands in Murfreesboro (we don't have a commercial airport), and as I deplane I walk down a flight of worn and cracked gray wooden stairs. No one else is going down, but lots of woman are going up. Three in particular stand out: Two elderly twins wearing identical white dresses with a yellow flower pattern, and one younger woman in pink. I am descending on the right side of the staircase, everyone else is ascending to my left. The two woman in white block my path. I step further to the right to allow them to pass, but they insist I walk by them first. They smile and nod as I do. The woman in pink greets me with a slight bow. They say nothing, but I know they are glad to see me.

When I get to the bottom of the stairs I am in a muddy village. Three roads leads out from the airport, and I can see Middle Tennessee State University at the end of one of them. Though I am certain I parked my car on one of them right next to the place I am to lecture, I cannot remember which road to take. I then realize that I forgot to take my luggage off the plane and my car keys are in my bag. The airport, however, has disappeared. I begin to panic.

I look around and notice a very run down village just behind me. I recognize the place and know there is a medicine woman there who can help me. I climb a mud embankment and walk through the village to find her. People are washing clothes on their porches and the dirt road is quickly turning to mud.

I see the medicine woman's house but before I get there my cell phone rings. As I answer a woman on the other end says, "Are your eyes open?" I realize they are shut. In fact I realize that I'm dreaming and that the reason I don't have my luggage is because I haven't even gotten on the plane yet. I am instantly calm, but sad that I won't get to talk to the medicine woman.

I wake up.

If anyone knows how to reach Carl Jung you can email him this dream for interpretation. Otherwise, you can post your own.


Joanier said...

I read your blog consistently and enjoy it tremendously. Though I don't know you I have read your work for a while and consider us fellow seekers as our thoughts often coincide. I also am quite familiar with the area of the country where you presently live. My Jungian therapists always said that only I could interpret my dreams. They also said that each part (or person) of the dream represents some part of self. It always helps me to write down the significant parts and people in the dream and then just free associate my responses to each part. Often the pieces will then come together. Blessings as you sort out this message. I agree it sounds significant. I've known some Jungians who could be tremendously helpful with this but alas I am not a therapist.

Erick Reynolds said...

I can make a quick generic interpretation: Life is a muddy quagmire of uncertainty in the future path choices. The temptation is to seek shelter or solace in the path already traveled. But your own subconcious is too connected with your concious to let you go back. Happy trails ;-)

Erick Reynolds said...

Oh, BTW. The friendly greeting on the stairs means you enjoy positive acknowledgement of your present path.
This generic interpretation is brought to you by tarot cards and last Sunday's horoscope. It fits but it also applies to 50% of the readers who didn't have your dream.

Raksha said...

I don't really know where to begin, but the first time I read your post this line jumped off the screen as especially important: "I am descending on the right side of the staircase, everyone else is ascending to my left."

That almost doesn't need any interpretation, if you think of the kabbalistic symbolism of left and right, and also of ascent and descent. But I assume you've thought of that already. It would be a matter of understanding how it applies to your life at the present time or in the immediate future.

Karen said...

Hi Rabbi,

If this were my dream, I would consider that the women getting into the plane represent some elevation of conciousness, either actual people ( we intesect with others on the astral planes - no pun intended) or aspects of yourself.

Since you're descending the plane it could represent a part of yourself that is coming to down to earth about something - and there are muddy village as part of your dream, as well as several paths (choices) and a sense of panic when you think your keys are missing. Cars often represent ourselves on our paths, and you think you're missing the "key" to drive yourself where you need to go. But ultimately, you have not lost them, you realize you haven't taken the trip yet.

Medicine women can represent the wise woman/shaman/wild side that is connected to nature and Spirit.

I love your blog, and this is a cool dream.