Friday, March 29, 2013

I really want to see you, Lord

According to National Geographic Magazine, 25,000 elephants were murdered last year for their tusks. The ivory is often used to make religious statues and trinkets. One Filipino collector of ivory crucifixes is quoted in the magazine saying, “I don’t see the elephant. I see the Lord.”

That’s is what’s wrong with religion: worshipping the creator allows us to abuse the creation. True religions teach you to see the Lord in the elephant, as the elephant, and not collude in the murder of the elephant to honor your Lord. Jesus died for your sins, not to excuse them.


Erick Reynolds said...

I find it surprising how hard people work at trying to find a connection to or "relationship with" God; something we come into existence with and always have. It is like a drowning person thrashing desperately instead of simply, calmly lying on his back and floating.

Karen said...

I love this. It's a perfect example of the disconnect, the separation, I find so evident in religions. Can you post this on FaceBook so I can share it?

Karen said...
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