Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Future Looks Bright

The Palestinian Authority is pushing the United Nations to declare Palestine an independent state in 2011 the way it did for Israel in 1948. They have further announced through their ambassador to the UN, Maen Areikat, that this new state will be Judenrein, literally, clean of all Jews. The last leader of a state speak this way regarding Jews was Adolph Hitler.

Not surprisingly Israel is resisting this effort, and counting on the United States to veto what is most likely an inevitable General Assembly endorsement of an independent Jew-Free Palestinian State. This is, in my view, the exact opposite of what should be done. Here is my suggestion:

First, rather than resist the declaration, Israel should announce that if the UN decrees an independent State of Palestine, Israel will the first state to recognize it. Once established, Israel will then demand that the new state negotiate borders with Israel. Lots of neighboring countries have border disputes that are settled amicably. Take India and Pakistan for example.

Second Israel should agree with Ambassador Areikat about Palestine being Jew-free. As the ambassador implied, if Palestine has even one Jew the Palestinian people will be unable to define themselves. The same is true of Israel. As Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman told the General Assembly just over a year ago, “A final agreement between Israel and the Palestinians has to be based on a program of exchange of territory and populations.” Lots of neighboring countries have amicable population exchanges. Take India and Pakistan for example.

Finally, Israel should make it clear that as a sovereign state Palestine is now responsible for the acts of terror its citizen commit against Israel. Rocket attacks from Gaza, for example, must now be considered an act of war. Just as the United States held the Taliban responsible for the acts of Al-Quaeda and used that as justification for conquering Afghanistan and establishing its own pro-US government, Israel will have every right under international law to do the same once Hama resumes rocket attacks on Israel after the declaration of an independent State of Palestine.

Give the increase in anti-Israel sentiments in newly democratic Egypt and other Arab countries, this declaration of war will no doubt bring about a full fledged Arab attack on Israel. Given the pro-Israel sentiment in the US, this will bring America into a war with all Arab states and, in all likelihood, Russia. At this point one of two things will happen. Either Jesus will return, or the resulting World War will bring the US economy out of recession. Clearly a win–win for most Americans.

Fighting the war assumes, of course, that the US can convince China to lend us the money we will need to fight the war. If they do we will win, and when we win we will find ourselves in control of vast oil-rich territories that we will then turn over to the Chinese to cover all current and future debt to that country for the next 200 years. This in turn will allow us to make the Bush tax cuts for the rich permanent. The future looks bright.

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Tricia Datené said...

This would be so very funny, if it weren't so very sad.