Friday, May 20, 2011

Rapture Ready? Tomorrow's the Big Day

Well this is it, the end times. Tomorrow is the Rapture when God calls all faithful Christians to heaven leaving the rest of us to await the destruction of the world by fire on October 21st. I knew it was coming, and even blogged about it a few weeks ago, but now it’s here, and, honestly, it has me rattled.

I’ll be teaching a workshop on loving kindness at a church this Saturday, and I expect many of the participants to be taken to heaven sometime during my presentation. Those who are left won’t be in much of a mood to be loving or kind, so we’ll probably end early. I’ll look for an ice cream store run by unsaved folks and hence still open, and order a hot fudge sundae. No point in dieting when there are only five months left.

Anyway, I don’t know if you are on the Rapture Train or not, and if you are I wish you well. But if you’re not, what will you do?

Seriously. What will you do? Is there any reason to go to work? Don’t worry about your rent or mortgage or any other bills. You can stall for five months and then its all over anyway, so why work? If you don’t have to pay your bills, you’ll have plenty of cash to use for food, so you won’t starve before you burn.

OK, so you won’t work. How will you spend your time? What would you do differently if you knew—as you can know if you want to know*—that the world is ending in five months? Would you leave your spouse? Move to another town? Admit that you’re gay or Kenyan or on the No-Fly list? How sad to think that you will just keep doing what your doing until you spontaneously combust on Friday, October 21st.

I know what I would like to do. I won’t tell you because I’m not going to do it on the off chance that the world will still be here on October 22nd Yes my fear of change is that great. But how about you? Are you as cowardly as me?

If you knew you had but five months to live, five healthy and financially sound months by the way, how would you live them?

*For more info on the end of the world, visit


Karen said...

I guess the point is that any day could be our last, and we should live each day filled with love, wonder, and compassion. When I'm dead, I can't really regret not having done something, so no need to worry about THAT. And if I really knew the exact day of my last breath on this earth, I'd probably be a lot more weepy than I already am, say "I love you" and "I'm sorry" a bit more. Am I a coward for keeping on with my life as if the end of the world isn't coming October 21? No -- I think I'm rather brave to keep living my life and enjoying it and loving my family and friends as if the lot of us aren't going to be wiped off the face of the earth. The choices I'm making right now are not so that the end of my life will be good, but that every day of my life is good. Thanks for giving me something to think on for awhile!

Maggid said...

I followed the link you provided - See, I think your idea of hot fudge sundae is brilliant - I'm going to remember to have enough $$$ and scope out several possibilities, since we can't be sure who will or will not be open . . . SO, I misread the link - I thought it said "edible" - (instead of ebible)- Maybe I should be ready to buy the first round of sundaes, hm???

Okay, I'll attend more theatre, sing really loud, color as many pictures as i want and put all of my "masterpieces" on the huge backyard fence - my own gallery of joy . . . I'll check your blog - to see how we are BOTH doing . . .

eashtov said...

Shalom All,

Rabbi Rami wrote: "I’ll look for an ice cream store run by unsaved folks and hence still open, and order a hot fudge sundae. No point in dieting when there are only five months left."

This would be my food choice:

Shabbat Shalom/Shavu'a Tov