Wednesday, November 03, 2010

GOP vs DEMs? No. Lucy vesus Charlie Brown.

Looking for a metaphor for American politics? Try Charlie Brown trusting Lucy not to pull the football away as he races to kick it.

In 2008 the American voter played the role of Charlie Brown and the Democratic Party played the role of Lucy. The football was Change We Can Believe In. Yes, we believed. And then Lucy pulled the ball away and we found ourselves flat on our backs. This year the American voter is once again playing Charlie Brown while Lucy is played by the Republican Party. The football is still and always Change We Can Believe In.

Is anything going to change come January? No. Why? Because Lucy is Lucy regardless of who plays her.


Barry said...

You are deeply cynical, Rabbi, which doesn't necessarily mean you are wrong.

Still, I think California is much better off with Jerry Brown than Meg Whitman. He might not change things, but she would have made everything much worse.

andrea perez said...

People might have voted for change but they don't like it for very long. Don't know what anyone expected. The midterms were what was expected. With the attention span of a flea, our country as a whole forgets very quickly how things were yesterday let alone 2 years ago. So cynical? Maybe.
Will things get better? I live in Florida where we saw weeks of ads by our new Governor promising everything from testing welfare recipients for drugs to bringing the "Arizona" reforms to South Florida. Don't know about Lucy vs Charlie . More like mean versus tolerant here. And sad to say, mean always returns. And wins big.

Judy said...

Do I catch a hint of sexism here my friend?

Grégoire said...

Amen to that, my brother. I remember all those lofty speeches about ending America's foreign wars, establishing a rational health care policy, and closing that hell hole which is Guantanamo. Immediately after inauguration, all those things were forgotten, and President Obama commenced to shoveling money in the general direction of his rich banker friends just as fast as he knew how... just like the last fellow.