Friday, May 21, 2010

Let White Men Be White Men

I’m listening to Savage Nation on the radio when it hit me: I exude white male privilege. My kind runs this country even though we are a minority. Lots of people, make that lots of nonwhite people or nonmale people, hate this, and blame my kind as if we have a choice in the matter, but the truth is we don’t. We don’t choose to be white, we don’t choose to be male; we were born this way; and to blame us for our condition is immoral and just plain wrong.

Look at it this way: You may not like homosexuals, and you may despise their agenda, but gay people are gay because they are born that way. You can resist the gay agenda if you wish, but you can’t blame gay people for having one any more than you can blame black people for being black, or, dare I say it, white males for being white males.

White men run Wall Street, dominate Main Street, and control the banks, the government, and the news and entertainment media. Sure there are people of color in these fields, but the control is overwhelmingly white. But this is no more a matter of choice than is the fact that gay people dominate the fashion and design industries. It is simply a law of nature.
So please show some compassion, people!

On the radio they were talking about getting rid of illegal aliens. I am all for that, though I would start with the Borg rather than Mexicans. One fellow called in worrying about who will do all the yard-work if illegal workers from Mexico are kept out of the country? Dr. Savage says there are plenty of legal Americans who can do those jobs. I guess he’s right, but does that get to the heart of the matter? I mean, push comes to shove, Americans can make running shoes, but wouldn’t you rather have Indonesian children do that? After all they seem to have born to the task.

The real question isn’t who will do the yard-work, but why are there so many gardeners in Mexico in the first place? It can’t be supply and demand. There just aren’t that many gardens in Mexico. If there were Mexican gardeners wouldn’t be sneaking into the United States looking for work. It must be genetic. Nature prefers Mexican gardeners, chicken processors, and hotel maids and one cannot blame these people for following the call of nature and seeking out gardens, poultry factories, and hotels no matter where they are.

The same is true of white men like me. We are born to dominate in politics, finance, and media. Blaming us for this is blaming us for being who God made us to be. Blaming us is blaming God, and we all know that’s a bad idea.

And now I’m hearing that Obama wants to profile white males. First he wants to take away our guns, then our god, then our salt, and now he is going to pass a law that requires all white males to prove we are American citizens. And all because of the lack of color of our skin! No wonder we are angry.

So when you see white men marching in the streets defending our right to rule; or when you see white men in banking using money given them by white men in government to further our agenda, relax. This is who we are; this is what we are born to do.

Let white men be white men. Stop the hate.


Raksha said...

Some of my best friends are white males...really!

Barry said...

Who says Jews are white?

Maggid said...

I don't know how to post happy faces in the comment field - aren't you glad????

mainesmightylion said...

Rabbi, I assume this to be sarcasm, no?

You may need to clarify on this one because there is much that is not your typical sound logic.