Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks to You #22

Today is Thanksgiving, and I was narcissistic enough to go on line to see if anyone read my Thanksgiving blog from yesterday, and if my number of readers had changed. And, lo and behold, my readership has jumped from 21 to 22 people. Amazing! Number-wise that isn't much, put percentage-wise it is much more impressive. Just how much more impressive I can't say having grown up in a country that ranks 25th out of 29 in a survey of math competency among leading nations of the world.

So let me thank you #22 for joining with us. I won't keep doing this personal thank you thing, but it is Thanksgiving so I thought I would say something. Let me apologize in advance to #23 (I am nothing if not hopeful). It isn't that I don't feel grateful that you signed on, it is just that I refuse to admit it publicly.

I am curious, though, as to why most of my Fellow Travelers refuse to put their photographs on line. Are you afraid to be openly associated with this blog? Is this a blow against the invasion of privacy that comes with the Internet age? Or are you stalking me and don't want me to recognize you?

I only mention this last option because I have thought about devoting a wall of my office to pictures of those who follow my blog. I thought I would set it up like the ones you see on the television show "Criminal Minds" when the FBI team breaks into the house of a serial killer and finds his walls plastered with the faces of his victims. This way if I ever commit a crime that warrants (yes, pun intended) breaking into my house, the police will have something to talk about.

Not that you have anything to worry about. Whenever I hear the word "serial killer" I immediately think of "cereal killer" and begin to fantasize about bowls of Sugar Pops and cold milk. I'm old enough to remember when they were called "Sugar Corn Pops." I suspect there is no more corn in the pops, corn being put to better use as ethanol, and, honestly, I don't care. It is the sugar that I crave not the corn. But it is sad that millions of people are starving for corn while my car gets to eat all the corn it wants. Too bad third world countries haven't figured out how to make corn-free Sugar Pops.

Which reminds me that there is one more thing for me to be thankful for today: dentists who manage to salvage my teeth as I continue to assault them with pops of pure sugar.

Have a sweet Thanksgiving.


rbarenblat said...

You're welcome, Rabbi Rami. :-) Chag hodu sameach!

Patti said...

At first, when I did not post my photo with my blog, there were no hits on my site. People ignored me. After I put my photo out there it brought lots of attention that frankly, creeped me out. It is a nice photo, OF MY FACE - no cleavage or anything! Seriously, who puts a crappy photo of themselves on their blog? Besides, with Photoshop anyone's photo can look good. I think I will put a photo of my dog out next and see how many hits my site gets. He is super cute. Will you put him on your wall?

Mano said...

Hi RavRam

I think narcisism might underlie much of your writing, as it does mine...just another way for the monkey mind to perpetuate itself...nevertheless we must do what we do..before enlightenment chop wood, draw water, after enlightenment chop wood draw water

trish said...

Rabbi Rami -

I read your blog faithfully, but have never 'blogged' myself. I signed up for a google blog acct just so I could respond and let you know that there are many more of us out there that find inspiration in your writings.

Thank you!

Jeff said...

My blog is on livejournal, but I have gmail.

Eliza said...

It could be that others who read your blog as registered users thought they were already counted as Followers.

I also thought that because I have posted responses as a registered user, that would also make me count as a Follower.

So now, I have become a an official registered Follower. However, I am also shy, so no, no pic. Eliza