Thursday, January 04, 2007

T-Shirts for the Apocalypse

Saturday’s Jesus t-shirts (see my previous blog) got me thinking: Why not market a series of religious t’s that would unabashedly promote specific religions as these two Jesus t-shirts promote Christianity?

The more I thought about, the more I realized that while I have seen t-shirts with symbols of other faiths emblazoned on them, I have never seen a shirt that actually promoted another faith. I went on line to double-check this, and while my survey was anything but scientific, I could not find a single shirt shouting, “Be a Sikh” the way so many Jesus shirts shout, “Be a Christian.”

So the only thing left to do is design my own. I have no real interest in getting into the t-shirt business, but I want to offer a little pump priming for those of you who might be so inclined as to create and market a line of in-your-face religious t-shirts. So here are some shirt ideas I came up with. Please feel free to add your own in the comments section of the Blogger version of Toto.

Shak-T (Pro-Hindu)

1. (Under an image of the blue God, Krishna:) “You don’t have to be bluish to
love Krishna”
2. (Under the same image:) “Go Blue!”
3. “Born again? Big deal! Why Not Be Born Over and Over Again?”

T-of-Life (Pro-Judaism)

1. “God’s Chosen. Can’t Beat That!”
2. “Jesus may be your Christ, but he’s my cousin.”

T-had (Pro-Islam)

1. “Submit! It’s What We Do.”
2. “Everyone comes to Allah Sunni or later.”
3. (Front:) “99 Names of God” (Back:) “and not one of them is Jesus”
4. (Under a picture of the Kaaba:) “Dare to be Square.”

T-Cup (Pro-Catholic)

1. (Beneath an image of the Holy Grail:) “Obey Your Thirst!”

Anyway, I hope you get the idea. If you come up with an award winning design and make millions selling it, just don’t forget to send me one.

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julie said...

may god, the gods, he, she, whoever, whatever, continue to bless you with your incredible wit, humor and candor. You make me laugh and I thank you :)