Monday, June 19, 2006

A Shameless Plug

My friend Rich called last night and urged me to let my readers now that I have recently published a new book with Skylight Press. The book is called the Sacred Art of Lovingkindness. It should be in most bookstores by now, and can be ordered from either Skylight or Amazon.

If you are readers of my books, I would like to ask a favor. If you can make the time, please go on and write comments in the review section. Of course I am assuming you would right positive reviews. If you didn't like the book no need to write a review.


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Peter Schogol said...

Rami, I've just finished THE SACRED ART OF LOVING-KINDNESS. I want to read it a second time as it is a different sort of book from your previous. Having spoken with you about it I understand that you were writing for an interfaith audience and the book certainly reflects that. But having only recently focused my lens on Judaism after having been all over the road, I found it a little dizzying to have my lens so rapturously dilated by your truly catholic approach. Like I said, it needs a second reading.